Argan Oil

Victims of psoriasis suffer with a skin disorder, one caused by a high rate of skin-cell production. As those cells get produced at a higher than normal rate, some of them pile up on the body’s surface. As the body seeks to shed the extra cells, it becomes scaly, deep pink and patch-covered.

Argan Oil for Psoriasis

Such symptoms underline the reason that victims of this one particular disorder welcome the appearance of an argan oil psoriasis treatment. Those men and women who use that treatment witness the first signs of improvement after only a few weeks. Those who continue to apply this oily product on a regular basis enjoy freedom from scaling and patches after just nine weeks.

The oil’s contents contribute to its effectiveness as a remedy for psoriasis sufferers. It contains a wealth of amino acids and antioxidants, along with Vitamin E. That last ingredient explains the reason that argan oil works wonders on hair and nails, as well as the cells found in the body’s epidermal layer. Moreover, its ability to serve as a remedy has been confirmed by medical professionals.

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Argan Oil Research

Dr. Leslie S. Bauman, M.D. has confirmed the oil’s ability to treat both eczema- and psoriasis-suffers. He is the director of cosmetic dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine. The Miller School of Medicine is part of the University of Miami.

Other medical professionals have noted other ways that the oils pressed from one particular plant can help to solve a variety of skin-related problems. For instance, the oil’s high Vitamin E content allows it to function as a treatment for acne. That may seem surprising to those who have focused on the oil’s ability to moisturize the body’s outermost organ.

However, that should not cause the reader of this article to doubt the claims about the moisturizing ability of argan oil. Its moisturizing properties have been a blessing to many new mothers. Such properties have helped those women to avoid the development of unsightly stretch marks. The reader can learn more about that and other facts by visiting our web site.

Argan Oil Remedy

Of course, as with any remedy, the effectiveness of argan oil is best demonstrated when a consumer has taken the time to seek out and buy a top quality product. That demands more than a simple reading of the label. It requires an actual sampling of the oil-based ointment.

It should not feel greasy. It should not have a pungent smell. Such characteristics call into question the supposed natural nature of those oils that come from one particular plant.

When a greasy or pungent-smelling ointment comes out of a container that has argan’s name on the label, then that suggests one of two possibilities. First, the time period for optimal use of that product could have expired. Second, it could have been pressed by hand. If it has been pressed by hand, then the consumer has good reason to think that some non-organic matter has mixed with the water that was used, during the process of extracting the oily substance from one particular plant.

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